Hi, I’m Mark from Framed by Mark

With a passion for preserving memories and a keen eye for detail, I have been picture framing for over 5 years. I offer a bespoke service, ensuring my clients have an end product that enhances and displays their cherished pieces for many years to come.

” Step into my studio and discover a world of possibilities, where creativity knows no bounds
and every frame tells a unique story.”

Picture, Artwork, Pet and Memorabilia Framing

Every picture tells a story. Whether it’s a cherished family photograph, a prized artwork, or a valuable certificate, my expertise in custom framing ensures that every piece is treated with the care and attention it deserves. I will ensure that each frame will complement and enhance the visual impact of your picture, object or photograph.

I offer a wide range of framing options, from the more traditional to modern contemporary. Taking time to discuss your preferences and requirements to guide you through the selection process, I will ensure you recieve a finished frame that suits your required style and reflects the character of your piece.

I believe in fair pricing without compromising on standard. Using only the highest quality materials to ensure the longevity and protection of your valued pieces. I will make sure that your items are presented and framed in a way that will showcase their individuality but also help to protect against environmental factors such as dust, humidity and UV rays.

Types of Frames

  • Military and Police Badge Framing
  • Pet Memorial Framing
  • Film and Music Memorabilia Framing
  • Artist Framing
  • Life Events & Wedding Photo Framing
  • Picture Framing
  • 3D Object Framing

Framed by Mark – Custom Framing Services


Frames serve as a visual bridge between the artwork and its surrounding. I offer a range of styles of frame from traditional to more contemporary in a wide variety of colours and finishes


The correct mount can alter the impact of any picture. I have numerous mount colours and materials and employ a variety of techniques to display and enhance each piece I work on


Picture frame glass has the important purpose of protection. I select the glass based on the piece I am framing alongside considering where it will be hung and any environmental factors to considered

Framing Advice & Free Consultation Service

I love meeting my clients! It gives me an opportunity to learn a little bit about their pieces, their backstory and reason for wanting them to be framed but also to learn about style, character and where they will be displayed. I can then make sure I offer the exceptional service I pride myself on. Please feel free to contact me if you’d like to discuss your project, big or small, I look forward to hearing from you

Partnering with…

Beautiful job done by Framed By Mark. We gave him a dark, tarnished oil painting with the brief, “do what you think works best”. This is what came back, double mount, two tone frame and UV glass. He even cleaned up the painting and brought it back to life!